My Top 10 of 2010

5 01 2011

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Best Performance Basketball Shoes of 2010 not named Kobe or Lebron

21 12 2010

In this quick post I will tackle a few pairs that are different in someways but give you some of the best fit, traction, & overall performance on the court. I will talk about them all at the same time when highlighting the different categories for comparison sake. The shoes that I will highlight in this one-time big-time post will be the Air Jordan 2010, Nike Durant II (KD II), & Nike Hyperfuse 2010.

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Review: Nike Kobe V (5)

3 12 2010

The latest of the Kobe shoe line (Kobe VI is just around the corner) is hailed by many as the best basketball shoe ever made, that’s why I have three of these suckers. This is looking like a trend for this shoe line as when the Zoom Kobe IV (ZKIV) came out, it too was crowned best shoe ever & now it passes its crown to the new winner, its younger brother the Zoom Kobe V (ZKV).

This is the slimmer, lighter, more fashionable & hip younger brother you envy ‘coz he gets all the attention now that he’s come out of his shell. The ZKV basically lost the excess fat & muscles to be able to fit in those skinny jeans & shirt then performs on the dance floor better than you imagined he would.

You have to remember though with all those materials gone the ZKV barely has enough to protect you from a beating during the game, especially if you want to scrap, hustle, & dive for rebounds & loose balls. But remember it wasn’t dubbed best BBall shoe if it didn’t have many positives. The breakdown:

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Review: Nike Kobe IV (4)

29 11 2010

Hi ALL!!!! This is my first shoe review and I chose the Zoom Kobe IV (ZKIV) as my subject since this shoe started me in my current hobby. When I first put this on I was like “WOW!”, this shoe felt so light and comfy at the same time that the only shoe I remember having this combination was the Nike Penny 1. At the time I was using Jordan XXII & a Nike Flight shoe for my basketball games but the ZKIV made me become a believer that there was more than the traditional basketball shoes, it made me believe that this was just the beginning of a whole new wave of revolutionary designs Nike was cooking up (see Hyperfuse). Many declared that the ZKIV revolutionized the basketball shoe as we know it even if there were light shoes before like the Nike HyperFlight & Nike Air Zoom “Glove” (Both of which I owned) this shoe still was superior overall than those mentioned.

The combination of Flywire & leather upper gives it a versatile characteristic that appeals to people on the court & off it. Although not all ZKIV are created equal as some models sport a suede, nubuck, 3M and/or a Patent Leather finish to the shoes’ upper. So to start the actual review I will break it down in parts that in the future can expand but for now lets go with Traction, Cushioning, & Fit. To start off:

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I’m Baaaaaccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

26 11 2010

I will be back to talk about nonsense again and my focus will be more on sports & shoes unless VS comes back… please come back 🙂 Pretty Please?

Anyway, I will be doing some shoe performance reviews in the next few posts and a few sports topics here and there.

Let me see, first up I will review the Kobe IV, then the Kobe V, then we’ll see what I still have (KD II, Jordan 2010, etc.). Please do note that these are old to recent shoes and not new ones as I need to test them first before anything else. I’m exited to see what I write up. Stay tuned I hope!

NBA Round Down: Just Ballin’ with My Thoughts

3 06 2009

Well, its another NBA Finals on the horizon and it’s amazing that the Kobe-LeBron match-up didn’t happen since almost everyone thought it a sure thing! Oh well, maybe next year or maybe never. As for now it’s the Lakers-Magic Finals that may end up as one of the best NBA Finals in recent years or the worst finals in recent years excluding all the Finals the Spurs were in. (Yes, the Spurs are boring as hell, but they are efficient as hell too…)

I predict a very exciting finals though just because its an unlikely team that made it to the finals and that in itself excites me! I want to see how they handle the pressure and the intensity of playing in the Finals and hopefully Kobe & Co. bring their A-Game every game as they have a tendency to be overconfident like LeBron & the Cavs. So be ready Lakepeeps as the Magic will bring it for sure and since Hedo will most likely go somewhere else next year he ain’t letting this pass him by.

As for my Rockets, they were awesome and humble too in that 2nd round series with the Lakers except for Ron Artest of course. The rest were very humble and played great with heart & passion throughout the whole series. It’s just a bright future for the Rockets with Brooks, Landry, Scola, & hopefully Wafer in the fold, it’s just excites me to think of that great nucleus!

‘Till Next Time!!!

Rockets' Future

Finally 2nd Round Territory!!!! GOoooooo Roooockets!!!!!

1 05 2009

It’s Finally happened! The Rockets won a playoff series!!!! Here come the Lakers though… I know this a different Rockets team compared to the regular season even if they went 0-4 against Kobe. Anyway whatever happens happens…. I’m just ecstatic!!!! They did it without McGrady too!!! I love my Rockets and I hope they do win a championship this year to shut up all critics including myself. GOooooo Rocketsssss!!!!!

Rockets win over the Blazers